The immersive project


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360 video services

High resolution 360 content created using the best hardware and software in the market. A highly creative team ensures high user engagement through smart information overlays and interactive features

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VR Experiences

VR experiences for application in architecture, education, and e-commerce. We build experiences that solve real problems or add value to a business. Each VR experience is unique and delivers a highly immersive, emphatic, and intuitive content

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third party services

We team up with production houses and create content for their clients or projects. We work closely with other teams to generate ideas and come up with content that is well integrated with their plan of action

Google Partners

As a trusted agency for Google maps & Street View application, we play an important role in verifying and listing businesses. We put you on the map and create customized virtual tours that result in higher user engagement with your business

About us

We are a group of technology enthusiasts who believe that VR will be a dominant technology in the computing & communication space. Our team members come from varied professional and personal background that results in high creativity and productivity in finding solutions and delivering high quality Virtual Reality experiences. A common interest and passion for VR ensure that we are up to date with the latest technologies and quality of work is top notch. We are on the look out for more team members who share the same values and are interested in contributing to the VR world

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